Friday, May 1st, 2009...1:48 pm

History Symposium

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Last Friday I attended the history symposium with the talks on John Wilkes Booth, The Kennedy Assassination and Cotton Mather and the Devil in New England.
The first talk was on Cotton Mather, I did not know much about him. Apparently he was a minister in New England sometime during the Salem Witch Trials. I did not find the subject that interesting and the person giving the talk kept the same slide up the entire time. At the end he quickly flipped through the rest of his slides giving very little explanation.
The reason why I chose this section was because the last two talks. I was a little disappointed with the one on the Kennedy assassination. Not the way the speaker gave the talk but the content. I wanted to know examples of the conspiracies such as the grassy knoll theory but he did not touch on any of these. He concluded his talk saying he believed the Kennedy Assassination was some sort of conspiracy but since he didn’t give examples as to why. When someone from the audience asked for some information about some of the conspiracies he finally gave the info saying, “It was too much to give in a 10 minute speech” I however would’ve liked a few examples.
The third talk was about John Wilkes Booth. The speaker was a very good public speaker but he kept moving around so it was hard to focus on what he was saying. He spoke about John Wilkes Booth’s life and the lead up to the Lincoln assassination. Overall it was incredibly interesting. During the audience question part he came to the conclusion, with Professor Ferrel, that the John Wilkes Booth of today would be Sean Penn.

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