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My research is going well, I’ve gotten several things from the ILL. Some of the items seemed more useful but have not proven to give me much for my paper. I think I have enough books for the moment but I’m always looking out for more that could aid in writing my paper. One thing I’m looking for in particular are Jubal Early’s letters. Early was a general for the Confederate Army and he is one of the main reasons why historians question the validity of Loreta Janeta Velazquez’s claims to having been disguised as Harry T. Buford. Jubal Early is said to have known Loreta’s alias Buford and met Velazquez later and says there is no way that Buford and Velazquez can be the same person. Early apparently wrote a letter to Velazquez and Velazquez a response back though I’m not sure how I’m going to find it.
I recently had an idea of checking out books about civil war soldiers and their lives after the civil war or their letters and to try to compare that to their female counterparts. I should probably look into getting those books as soon as possible. The idea is kind of obvious but I think it will help me write my research paper.

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