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Update/Book Review

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Well, I’ve found many more sources than I thought I would. Through proquest I mananged to find at least 8 newspaper articles from the time about female soldiers being found out which proves very useful to my topic. I have also received several items from the ILL, actually I received an e-mail that the library got one more of my ILL in today so I need to pick it up. By using Garold L. Cole’s Civil War Eyewitnesses (1988) I have managed to find some letters from male soldiers writing about female soldiers being discovered as well. One I managed to request through ILL the other request was denied because apparently it’s not circulating but another set of letters I found online.

As for my book review I read one by Lisa Tendrich Frank and she reviewed The Fought Like Demons: Women Soldiers in the American Civil War( 2002) by DeAnne Blanton and Lauren M. Cook. Frank saw too that the authors of this book wanted to write the book because they believed that no book before theirs accurately recognized the female soldier’s contributions and they believed the other books merely painted this women “as a romantic and heoric archetype.” Frank pretty much calls them hypocritical on this point because she says the book “tends toward the laudatory. At every turn, Blanton and Cook remind their readers that female soldiers fought valiantly for their nation.”

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