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Working Title + Research

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I suppose my working title can be just… Women Soldiers of the American Civil War, since it is just a working title, hopefully I’ll think of something more interesting. Anyways, right now I have checked out about a dozen books from the library on my subject (at least I hope so I haven’t been able to skim through most of them) but the shelf they were on is pretty much cleared out because of me. I also looked at several reference books Encyclopedia of the American Civil War¸ Civil War America 1850-1875, Amazons to Fighter Pilots, and Women and War. They had some suggested readings, some of which I already got from the library.

Unfortunately, most of what I have found is secondary sources only one, I believe, can be counted as a primary source. Dr. McClurken said that my topic was not overdone but the reason why is the lack of primary sources which I am finding about now. At the end of some of the reference book sections they included some information on articles that they used from newspapers or journals from the time. I just need to find them.

There’s one woman in particular that I think there would be a lot of government paperwork on her. Her name is Jennie Hodgers, however she lived under the alias of Albert Cashier for most of her life. She applied for pension and was denied, and was buried under the name of her alias.

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