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Women Soldiers in the American Civil War

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I know my topic right now is incredibly vague but I have gone back to my idea about Women Soldiers in the American Civil War. It really needs to be narrowed down more, perhaps by focusing on a battle or one woman’s experience or something. I think just find the day-to-day challenges of these women interesting. The fact they were willing to risk their lives, and would not let anything stop them from fighting for the Union or the Confederacy.

As for narrowing down the topic more, I have down a little research and found out that at least four women soldiers were known to have fought in the Battle of Antietam, one of the bloodiest battles in America’s History. If I were to narrow it down to perhaps one women I suppose I could focus on Sarah Rosetta Wakeman she served under the name of Lyons Wakeman for several years and was not discovered to be a woman till her death.

Some questions I have about this topic are: Why did these women disguise themselves as men to fight in the War? Was it for patriotism or some other motive? How many were found out? How did they manage to stay undetected for such long periods of time? And, what did these women do after the war?

That’s all I have at this moment, I need to e-mail Dr. McClurken to set up an appointment to talk about my topic more.

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